Let’s Loop Canada “Technology”.

“Hear by the Sea”

Proved an appropriate slogan for the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association’s (CHHA) 2017 national conference in May. 

With the help of sponsor Hearing Loops Canada, which setup and connected its hearing loop systems throughout the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney, B.C., conference participants heard first-hand what a looping system offers those with hearing difficulties. 

“This is the best I’ve heard in 15 years,” said one participant. Others shared thoughts such as: “This type of system is long overdue,” and “Let’s get more hearing loops in Canada.”

 Getting those hearing loops our there is happening; a sort of “Let’s loop Canada” movement as became the talk at the CHHA conference.

 And it’s not just those invested in hearing issues seeing the benefits of looping systems:

             The Red Deer Chamber of Commerce installed a custom-built system in its J.A. boardroom

             An audiologist in Airdrie is using a chair-pad loop system in its waiting area  to demonstrate the system’s effectiveness to customers

             The Government of the Northwest Territories installed a custom-built Hearing Loops Canada system in a boardroom, two counter loops at reception and a portable loop in the Lang building in Yellowknife.

Why is a hearing loop proving to be so effective? It is essentially a wireless sound projection system that focusses sound directly into the ear via a telecoil in a hearing aid without any ambient noise included. While hearing aids work well for close-proximity conversations, in large rooms or anywhere with other background noise, all sounds combine, become muddled thus making hearing difficult.

 With more organizations seriously considering inclusion for all — even those with “invisible” difficulties like being hard of hearing – hopefully there’ll be a day soon when Canada hears from sea to sea to sea.

sports stadiums.”

Quick facts about hearing:

– There are over three million Canadians living with hard of hearing loss according to the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association

– Hearing loss is the largest disability in Canada according to the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association

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