Hearing Loops Canada (Division  of X-cel Communications Inc.) is proud to be a authorized/certified supply and install company for Contacta loop systems.

We supply, install and maintain a unique range of induction loop, speech transfer, queue management and cash handling systems to enable service providers to interact easily with every customer.

We bring clear communication and enhanced sound quality to the hard of hearing in all walks of life, from shops and offices, to the largest theatres, auditoriums and sports stadia.

Contacta has perfected hearing loop systems for every conceivable application, as well as systems that integrate the loop with other voice transmission systems, such as building entries, drive-through windows, checkout counters or ticket windows. For every stakeholder a Contacta hearing loop system combines the most effective, reliable and convenient solution with the lowest cost per user.


Authorized Distributor/Dealer for Contacta

Hear the difference a Loop System makes

Designed for easy set-up and maintenance, the Contacta selection process guarantees you the correct driver for the specific requirements of the area you plan to loop.

Unlike other manufacturers, we provide the installer, venue manager and premises owner with a genuine end-to-end solution, covering every aspect from the meticulous initial technical survey of the location thru to ongoing maintenance.

Our new generation hearing loop drivers are all based on advanced loop technology, including:

  • Ultra efficient power utilisation
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • HF compensation allowing easy fine-tuning of the system for optimum loop performance
  • Intelligent input for easy and accurate adjustment
  • Self-test facility to validate and confirm proper operation
  • Automatic power save mode

Hearing loops are increasingly being embraced as a way to help hearing-impaired people enjoy clear sound in:

  • Theatres and performing arts centres
  • Places of worship
  • High school and university auditoriums
  • Courtrooms and government chambers
  • Boardrooms and large meeting rooms
  • Banquet and sports facilities
  • Ticket counters and information booths
  • Doctors’ offices and pharmacy counters
  • Drive through and pick up windows
  • Elevators, trains and buses
  • Museum exhibits

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